Dream Yacht Tech chooses YesItIs to accompany them in the industrialization of the DY Box.

Since the creation of the Dream Yacht group in 2000, its founder Loïc Bonnet and his teams have sought to revolutionize the nautical industry by making sailing accessible to all. Today, Dream Yacht Charter has nearly 1000 boats available in more than 60 destinations worldwide. The world’s leading yacht charter company recently considered integrating IoT technologies into its fleet. To do so, it teamed up with young engineers to form a technology start-up called Dream Yacht Tech. The IoT strategy is led by Victor Vildé, associate engineer of Dream Yacht Tech and founder of the R&D strategy consulting firm Vado Innovation.

Data still largely underutilized

An ocean of data is available to companies such as Dream Yacht Charter, but the collection and analysis of boat-related data is still uncommon in the industry. The stakes are high, however, as Victor Vildé explains: “Dream Yacht Charter is one of the leading clients in marine electronics, but to begin with, the data generated by the various devices is not used to its full potential. Integrating IoT into the fleet’s boats would therefore address several issues. First, to manage the maintenance of the boats more efficiently. The latter must be ready to leave at any time for an excursion. Being able to collect data on possible damage and deal with it before it becomes a problem is therefore essential, especially when there is a succession of departures in summer. In addition to maintenance, safety issues are also central. Not everyone is an excellent sailor, and the sensors we want to install could be excellent ways of alerting people on board to dangers they might not have identified: risk of collision, strong winds, etc. Finally, the development of the IoT is a lever for developing the customer experience, thanks to the creation of new services! For example, we are thinking of installing wifi on board, allowing the detection of anomalies, giving access to tutorials to solve them… this would be a real added value to continue to boost the sector. “

The will to produce in France

“We wanted to develop a French solution as much as possible, in order to contribute to the growth of the maritime electronics industry and make France the world leader in blue growth. We therefore benchmarked five technical design offices and in the end Yesitis was chosen! Indeed, multiple factors must be taken into account in our project. To put it simply, our boxes are a cocktail of automotive technologies, asset management, home automation, 4G and WIFI connection capabilities, and the constraints of the marine environment, which is very corrosive. So we needed a partner who could handle everything! Yesitis ticked all the boxes: we were won over by their agility, their ability to think outside the box, and their previous experience in the field of maritime engineering. The icing on the cake is that the company has its own production units and can therefore control the entire industrialization process! Currently we are therefore starting the audit phase to which is added about ten months in research and development in order to deploy the solution by December 2023!”

Feeding the scientific community

In order not to be satisfied with an “economic” use of the solution under development, the company Dream Yacht Charter will make available part of the data collected to support scientific research. “The seas and oceans are an integral part of our ecosystem and we understand the importance and difficulty of preserving them. To help the scientific community in its analysis work, we thought it would be interesting to share our technology. This is how we participated and won a competition on the maritime applications of Kineis with IFREMER and CNES, in 2022. Eventually, the goal will be to set up a participatory science approach together, to propose, for example, that sailors share their observations of the sea. This will also be an opportunity to improve awareness of the preservation of the marine environment. “

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